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Michigan Chaldean and Arab Community Business Directory

A letter from the Publisher

A new success is added to the Business Directory's record as it obtains the trademark for its brand name in all the United States, with the grace of God and the credibility that the Business Directory provides to the community members. The trademark for the Michigan Chaldean and Arab Community Business Directory has been acquired.

We express our gratitude to this distinguished group of advertisers who participated in producing this issue and the previous editions of the Business Directory. They lend a helping hand to you in the language you speak and in the way you agree upon. As you are accustomed to using the directory in your daily life, it contains valuable information that can be beneficial in your daily life, so use it and let the advertisers know where you obtained it. This contributes to the well-being and cohesion of the community, benefiting everyone.

This is the fourth issue leading from the Business Directory, which boldly and powerfully emerged during the time of the COVID-19 virus when all businesses worldwide were halted and closed. Your directory, which helped establish ties of cooperation among businesses, professions, and specialties of the community, serves those in need from the community, whether they are Iraqis, Lebanese, or any expatriate from our Arab world. There is no difference between this and that, as we are all one community, sharing the same concerns and aspiring to a better future for ourselves and our children. In our unity, there is strength, especially in a foreign land.

It's unfortunate that in a country of freedom and democracy, we face hypocritical, malicious voices full of envy and resentment standing against any progress in the community. These weak souls have failed to achieve their goals, and the fourth issue is evidence of that. It still stands, declaring the community's achievements. The success of any work is built on the credibility it provides to the community, and the Business Directory was the first to lead with credibility in the number of publications it prints. It has gained trust in dealing with everyone honestly and transparently, and everyone attests to that. I thank the entire editorial team of the directory, which works as a continuous and collaborative beehive with all community members. Dear consumer, when you browse the directory, inform the advertiser that you found their advertisement in the Michigan Chaldean and Arab Community Business Directory to achieve the goal of the advertisement. For those who missed the opportunity to advertise this year, the pages of 2025 await you, so do not hesitate and do not let the opportunity pass you by. Your advertisement is published among thousands through this free-distributed directory in all community locations, and it will also be distributed through the widest internet network visited by tens of thousands monthly. Contact us, and we will serve you. We look forward with optimism and hope for peace and love to spread on this beautiful planet, fostering harmony among nations, eradicating poverty and epidemics. We promise to always serve you, showcase the success of your businesses, and wish success and prosperity to everyone. Remember that the directory is here to serve all Chaldean and Arab community members in the diaspora. From the Editorial Team

Fadi Abbo
Publisher & Editor